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GenDiagnostics is the official distributor of Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification (MLPA ® ) and Methylation-Specific MLPA (MS-MLPA ® ) products in Morocco. This technique is the gold standard for DNA copy number quantification and is used to diagnose and to study both hereditary disorders and tumours all over the world. GenDiagnostics works in close contact with MRC-Holland, the inventor and manufacturer of MLPA ® and MS-MLPA ® products.



What can you expect from  us?

GenDiagnostics is available for all Genetic Diagnostic laboratories and Research laboratories in Morocco. You can expect from us:

  • A fast reply on all your inquiries on (MS-)MLPA ® products
  • A quick delivery of (MS-)MLPA® products at your laboratory
  • Basic training of laboratory staff and ‘result interpretation and troubleshooting’ workshops (optional)
  • Customer support when using (MS-)MLPA ®


What do we provide?

To be able to use the (MS-)MLPA ® technique at your lab, we provide:

  • MLPA® and MS-MLPA ® probemixes which include all probes needed for that specific genetic disorder
  • All reagents needed for MLPA (Polymerase, Ligase, Buffers, Fluorescent Primers, etc.
  • Coffalyser® software in order to analyse the samples (available free of charge)


Machines which are needed for (MS-)MLPA ® and which is not provided by us:

  • Regular PCR machine (e.g. SensoQuest thermocycler)
  • (Sequence type) Electrophoresis machine (Applied Biosystems (ABI), Beckman Coulter)

We do not provide any sort of laboratory materials.

In need of MLPA training at your lab? Contact us for the possibilities.


  • Learn more about MLPA by using our free e-learning modules and videos!

    Learn how to use the Quality Control fragments to assess the quality of your MLPA experiments.

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